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Health & Safety Advice & Guidance

Inspections & Audits

Company Health & Safety Policies and Procedures

Risk Assessments for Work Activities or Events

Boots on the Ground Support

Fire Safety

Event Safety

Event Safety

JS Safety are experieced in event safety. We have worked on some amazing events both here in the UK and around the world. We can share our knowledge and experience with you to help to make your event a huge success. We can provide support through advice and guidance, helping with Event Safety Management Plans, Event Risk Assessments, Local Authority Liaison, Emergency Planning and Operational Support. 

Boots on the Ground Support

Do you need any safety representatives at your event or on your construction site? Having a competent Safety Practitioner by your side for your project can be so helpful and useful that its actually one of the most popular services we provide. 

Company Health & Safety Policies and Procedures

Writing policies can be an arduous task, what do you need to include? Where do you even start? Its not fun is it! Why not ask us to help you with this, we can point you in the right direction, proof read and review what you already have or do the whole thing from scratch to help you get these fully embedded within your company.

Risk assessments for Work Activities or Events

Where do you start? What is a hazard, what is a risk? How do you prioritise the risks? Is it suitable? The team at JS Safety can help deliver a solution for you.

Inspections and audits 

Are you in charge of a premises and need to carry out a full inspection to check your systems and procedures operate correctly? Are you looking for someone to complete an independent audit of your workplace? JS Safety provide a bespoke inspection and audit service that we can tailor to suit your needs. 

Fire Safety

Do you have a premises where people work? Do you run your own events? Do you have a Fire Risk Assessment? No idea what it is or how to begin the process? No problem JS Safety has the knowledge and experience of carrying out this type of assessment in a wide range of environments from office buildings, workshops, theatres, food markets, football grounds, motorsport circuits and green field sites. We can also help with premises and event inspections to help you ensure compliance or if you're looking to change usage or increase capacity.

Health & Safety Advice and Guidance 

If you need any help with your duties or responsibilities, want someone to explain in simple terms what safety means, what your legal obligations are, or what you need to do to promote best practice, then the JS Safety team are here to help you. 

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